Adamawa develops new app to contain the spread of Coronavirus

A new app in addition to other digital technology platforms to help curtain the spread of Coronavirus has been developed in Adamawa State.

The new app has been made available to be used by COVID-19 obtainment committee in the state.

According to the app developer, Julius Jesse, the new app will help in contact tracing, and if eventually the virus cases was records in Adamawa it will reduce the spread.

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Jesse said the new technology will be deployed to entry points into the state like the airport, motor parks and other places to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

Project Manager of the new technology, Richard Adana’a, said, “The first service we have provided is awareness in five major local languages.

“Besides English, information about COVID-19 could be accessed in Hausa, Bachama, Higgi, Chamba and Kilba languages.

“The website we have developed would provide real-time information about the pandemic.

“We have also developed a WhatsApp automatic chatbox to provide automated answers about Coronavirus.”

Adamawa State is yet to record any coronavirus case. Currently, Nigeria has 323 confirmed cases across 19 states of the federation including Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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