Bill Gates cautioned countries on relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown

Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder has cautioned that the relaxation of lockdown in nations will be perplex and getting things in order will be cumbersome.

Gates said this in a 11-page memo even as he indicated that getting a vaccine for Coronavirus will take nine months in any event or two years.

The world rich businessman cautioned that home testing is the best way to deal with identifying and controlling new infections.

He illustrated the reviving procedure will absolve arena as schools, workplaces continue operations.

He, however, cautioned it would not be a quick or simple procedure as workplaces should open steadily with certain workers at home.

“People can go out, but not as often, and not to crowded places.

“Picture restaurants that only seat people at every other table and airplanes where every middle seat is empty.

“Schools will reopen, but not stadiums.

“But the picture is complicated and sorting out the details will be difficult,” Gates wrote.

He further ranked the antiviral medication remdesivir as one of the more encouraging possibilities, alongside plasma and antibodies from individuals who have recouped from COVID-19, NAN reports.

“Since a miracle drug is not likely, the only long-term solution is a vaccine.

“Developing a vaccine could take as little as nine months or as long as two years

“Then it will have to be approved by governments and mass-produced so that the world’s 7 billion people can each get one or two doses, depending on the vaccine type,” Gates added.