Buhari orders reopening of markets and places of worship

Presidential Task Force committee on COVID-19 in Nigeria said that all markets and places of worship will be opened in Nigeria as the first two-week deadline of the lockdown elapsed Monday.

Dr Sani Aliyu, a senior member of the committee, said they would be open for just four weeks and that the state governors would plan how markets and worship places operate in their various states.

The committee made this known at a daily news briefing held by officials in Abuja.

Other comments read:

Aeroplanes will continue to operate between states from June 21st

Travel restrictions between states are still active until further notice from the committee

The curfew – currently in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun – will go from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Schools will remain closed
Hotels will continue to operate.

In related news:

The Federal Government has expressed dissatisfaction with the disparity between the measures it takes to fight the coronavirus pandemic and the steps other states take on their part.

This comes after the government imposed an additional curfew on Kano state for two weeks.

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari held a visual meeting with some state governors on the issues of coronavirus, economic and of challenges in the country.

The Nigerian president has sought for corporation among the states, saying the federal government is doing everything possible to cushion the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but some States are sabotaging the efforts by going contrary against the measures it takes to fight the pandemic.

In an interview granted by Garba Shehu, Spokesman to the President, he said that it is unfortunate that the government is taking action against the epidemic but yet having a problem of solidarity.

“It’s not that we are criticizing the order by some governors, but it needs to be harnessed together because if it does not, it would be difficult to win the war.”

Garba said the National Centre for Diseases Control has been complaining about how other states’ actions are sabotaging the success of the fight against the pandemic.

“Before any step should be taken, experts should be consulted for advice.”

The spokesman said it was not seen as a lack of co-operation from the governors, but each state should take its toll on the need for expert advice before any action.

The statement by Garba Shehu comes hours after Kano state issued a new directive to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the state.