CAF sets June/July for 2023 African Cup of Nations

2023 African Cup of Nations

The 2023 African Cup of Nations will be played between June and July, according to the secretary general of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Abdel Bah.

There has been speculation about when the tournament will take place since the CAF president said in June that it would be held in 2023 “but does not know which month”.

“So far, the African Cup of Nations is scheduled to take place from June to July so we have included it in our constitution,” Bah said in an interview with BBC Sport Africa.

In 2017, CAF relegated the tournament to those months, including it in its bylaws.

The next 2022 tournament will be played in Cameroon despite the unfavorable weather conditions in June and July in the country, which is experiencing extreme heat.

Former Barcelona president, Joan Laporta has conceded he’s “scared” player Lionel Messi may leave the club because of the current board members that control the club affairs.

Messi is contracted at Camp Nou until 2021 however there have been reports that he has issues with Barca’s present president Josep Maria Bartomeu and other board members, with further reports demonstrating that the Argentine is thinking about his future at the club he has played for since the age of 12.

Bartomeu as of late said Messi will re-sign and likely observe out his vocation at Barcelona yet Laporta has noticed Barca’s present board members could compel their star into a corner and cause him to rethink his future.

Will Messi leave Barca?

“I need him to remain in 2021 however I am scared that a terrible choice of this board could bring about an irreversible choice,” Laporta said of Messi in hospital at an occasion in Sant Joan de Deu emergency on Wednesday.

“It’s not BarcaGate, it’s BartoGate, I am stressed over how the status of the club is being put in danger.”

Laporta, who needs to run for Barcelona president once more, has likewise cautioned club legend Xavi against coming back to manage the club until new board members emerged.

“On the off chance that I was Xavi, I could never be back with this board,” Laporta said.

“Consistently I want to partake in the election. Some solid conditions are required for me to feel great to run right now as opposed to a couple of more years.”

Talking in May, Laporta uncovered he’d love for Pep Guardiola to return and manage the club.

“I’m working to present myself as a presidential aspirant,” Laporta told TV3.

“I’ve been president previously and I’m eager to be back. The circumstance in 2021 will be emotional and we’ll need to invert it. I’m working with individuals I trust.

“I would especially like Guardiola to return, however now he is at City and it is a choice that Pep should take. He is a benchmark for Barcelona and numerous Catalans might want him to prepare Barca once more.

“At the correct time, I will address the individual we think ought to be Barca couch from 2021.”