Coronavirus: 875 commit suicide during lockdown

Coronavirus: 875 individuals commit suicide during lockdown

Nepal says 875 individuals commit suicide during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

The nation has been under lockdown since March 24, Xinhua covered Tuesday.

Information gathered by the Nepal Police shows that suicide cases in the nation broadened by 16 per cent in the first month.

“More suicide cases have been recorded as of May 16,” said Police representative, Niraj Bahadur Shahi.

482 suicide cases were reported during mid-March to mid-April in police headquarters over the nation, against 414 cases for the period between mid-February and mid-March.

38 individuals took their own lives in the Kathmandu valley alone.

742, the most noteworthy number, died by hanging themselves, trailed by 114 individuals who ended it all by expending poison.

They were found to have utilized consuming, cutting, suffocating, bouncing from statures methods to commit suicide.

Specialists have connected the passings with the emotional distress of the individuals who had to remain indoor during the lockdown.

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