Coronavirus: Rwanda deploys robots in COVID-19 fight

Ruwanda deploys robot in COVID-19 fight

Rwanda has taken delivery of five high-tech robots that will be sent towards the battle against coronavirus pandemic

Notwithstanding having only 308 cases, the East African country trusts the humanoid robots will assist with lessening contact among doctors and patients

Among other top capacities, the robots are equipped for screening 50 to 150 individuals for per minutes and recording broad media information of patients

In a concentrated exertion against ravaging coronavirus, Rwanda has obtained five humanoid robots planned for lessening contact among doctors and patients.

The high-tech robots were propelled at the Kanyinya Covid-19 Treatment Center by the nation’s Ministry of Health on Tuesday, May 19, as Rwanda took a quick jump in front of its sister African nations in the fight against the ravaging pandemic.

Rwanda is one of the less-hit country in Africa, with the nation as of now overseeing 308 instances of COVID-19.

It amazingly gloats of 209 recuperations and no loss, as per Worldometre insights.

Yet, in an honorable move, the East African country with a populace of 12 million conveyed the five high-tech robots with the help of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to set the battle against Covid-19 on a fast track.

Among other top capacity, the robots are equipped for screening 50 to 150 individuals for every moment and record broad media information of patients.

The robots, made by a Belgian organization worked in mechanical autonomy arrangements Zora Bots, are structured with different propelled highlights to help specialists and attendants at assigned treatment communities, and can likewise be utilized into screening destinations in the nation.

The high-tech humanoids can play out various undertakings identified with Covid-19 administration, including mass temperature screening, conveying food and medication to patients, catching information, recognizing individuals who are not wearing face mask, among others.

They are fit for screening 50 to 150 individuals per minute as they can also record and store video and sound information of patient information.

Every robot has been given Rwandan name: Akazuba, Ikizere, Mwiza, Ngabo and Urumuri, BBC reports.