Governor Zulum reach out to less privilege with Palliatives in Borno

Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum today visits MMC and Jere to see the degree of Compliance and he is charmed.

The lockdown is to stop the spread of the infection.

The gov. visited Muna camp to illuminate them on the lockdown and educated them that he knows about the hardships because of the Lock Down, particularly, the IDPs and less benefit person.

Zulum visit during lockdown to muna
Governor Zulum at Muna Camp

The lockdown is the hardest yet essential choice, he emphased. Thus, he vowed to put a solicitation to the Borno State Covid – 19 Taskforce Response Team to loosen up the lock down potentially on Monday and Thursday to permit individuals to look for nourishment and food supplies as we watch Ramadan Fasting.

The gov. approached the individuals to watch social Distancing when permitted shopping and never home bases.

The gov formally hailed off the dissemination of the palliatives to IDPs at muna camp.

Finally, emphasize for a fair and tenable appropriations of the palliative to the needies. What’s more, thank the covid 19 board for the penance and occupation very much done.

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