Coronavirus: Nigeria Foriegn Minister tested positive for COVID-19

Nigeria foreign minister tested positive for COVID-19

Nigerian Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The minister made this known via his Twitter account, saying he had been tested positive for COVID-19 virus after being tested for the fourth time.

In a statement, the minister said he was now on his way to be quarantine.

“Did my fourth Covid-19 test yesterday at the first sign of a throat irritation and unfortunately this time it came back positive. That is life! Win some lose some. Heading for isolation in a health facility and praying for the best.” #StayHomeSaveLives #COVID19 #PTFCOVID19

In related news:

Zindzi Mandela, the last born to former South African president Nelson Mandela was tested positive for Coronavirus the day she passed on.

Her son, Zondwa Mandela affirmed that it was not yet concluded if it was what caused her passing on Monday, July 13.

Talking with SABC, Zondwa stated: ‘My mom did in actuality test positive for Covid-19 on the day of her passing.

‘In spite of the fact that this doesn’t, consequently, imply that she died of COVID-19 related complications, yet basically that she tested positive for it.

He added: ‘Just by the ideals that there was a positive test, we are along these lines committed to responsibility and framework within current guidelines identified with such cases.’

Zindzi, the last daughter of South African opponent of politically-sanctioned racial segregation pioneers Nelson and Winnie Mandela, passed on Monday morning at a Johannesburg medical hospital.

The 59-year-old, who rose to global unmistakable quality when she read out Nelson Mandela’s dismissal of then-president P.W. Botha’s proposal for freedom in 1985, filled in as South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark. She first took up her position as the ambassador to Denmark in 2015.

The former SA President is survived by her husband and four children.