Fintiri’s Flyover construction a new chart to developmental breakthrough

Fintiri's flyover construction a new chart

Mixed reactions trail the official flagging off of the construction of the first ever Grade Interchange in the Northeast and Flyover in the heart of Jimeta at the cost of ₦5,089,580,087.69 and ₦3,043,853,469.56 respectively by the Governor Fintiri’s led Adamawa State Government.

While the majority applauded the Governor for such an initiative, few people kicked against the gigantic project based on the conviction that the project is a misplaced priority while there are other road networks that need government attention.

Well, as far as the construction of the grade interchange and fly over is concerned, it is not and will never be a misplaced priority considering the ever expanding population and the attendant explosion in Urban traffic around the state capital.

The majority of the critics are ignorant of the fact that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s administration is performing wonders through infrastructural development across the state.

Apart from completing incomplete road networks across the state, the present administration has also initiated its own road networks spanned across the state capital and some local government areas.

His first infrastructural project was when he approved and kicked off the construction of an 18.08km road project in the state capital including the much talked about Bachure road, Philip Maken street, Mambilla street, Jambutu street around Nassarawo borehole, Benue street and links.

Governor Fintiri also approved and kick-started the rehabilitation and construction of 281kms of rural roads in the state under RAMPII
It is worthy of note that majority of these rural roads have been completed.

The roads include, Konan Yaji – Mijiwana – Gilanbara – Amdur, Hong – Mijili – Kuvagaya, Wurobokki – Uding – Pella, Longa Ewa – WurroAbbo – WuroYombe and Toungo – Kiri roads.

Kola Junction – Boshikiri Shelleng Bakta, Numan/Biu road junction – Bare, Yolde Pate prison – Yadim, Gurin – Falingo, Parda – Muninga and Daba – Mayo Belwa.

Others are Pole Wire – Ndikong, Ngurore/ Mayo Belwa road junction – Gongoshi, Rubawo junction – Muchalla and Mayo – Nguli – Manjeken
The Governor went further to approve the construction of major roads within the state capital and other local government areas.

Construction of Gulak Township Road 6.6km – 14 months

Construction of Jada Township roads 3.8km 8 months
Rehabilitation of Washout section along Jada – Mbulo road 0.4km

Construction of Michika township roads 5.1km – 8 months
Zumo street & link 0.75km
Mafia road with fall out drain – 1.2km
Mbamba street – 1.0km
Doctors Quarters road – 1.0km
Construction of Nyibango – Yolde Pate road with 2 span bridges 3.185km – 12 months.
Construction of Weekly Scope road 2.1km – 12 months

Construction of Izala – Gweda Mallam – Malam Rafa – Wayam road – 3.5km – 8 months

Construction of European Quarters Road 3.2km – 8 months
The present administration also remobilized contractors back to the site to complete abandoned projects like Pella – Maiha road, Kabang road in Mubi, ADSU Mubi, in Jimeta, and also in Ganye to mention but a few.

Talking about priorities, this is the same man who approved scholarship to 60 indigenous students to study engineering courses in far away India.

This is someone who reintroduced and upgraded the school feeding program in our public secondary schools across the state.

You won’t call the payment of WAEC/NECO to all SS3 students in public secondary schools a misplaced priority.

This same man made education free and compulsory, he even went ahead to give scholarship funds to 250,000 Adamawa Students in campuses and universities across the country.

I’m not here to list his achievements but to show you that it’s not only fly over that he is interested in building, but he is also interested in building the Adamawa of Tomorrow.

So calling the construction of flyovers in the state is not and will never be a misplaced priority but a new chart to development breakthrough.

Written by Daniel Tabiyatiya