FMC Yola Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins For 3rd Time In History

FMC Yola Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins For 3rd Time In History

The Federal Medical Centre, FMC Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria, has successfully separated co-join twins.

A 48-member team in the hospital carried out the operation, eight months after the twins were born.

This is the third time that FMC Yola Hospital has conducted surgery on twins born glued together, according to the head of the medical team, Prof. Auwal Abubakar.

The team, which included surgeons and other health workers, spent three hours on August 10, conducting surgery on the twins, who were born glued with livers and ribs.

Lead surgeon and director of FMC Yola Hospital Professor Auwal Abubakar said the operation was carried on successfully.

“It is the liver and the ribs that was glued, but there is a device we have worked with and it has helped us a lot in reducing bleeding and completing the task in less time,” he said.

The professor added that they had previously planned to separate the two but were forced to delay the operation due to COVID-19 until August 10.

Speaking with BBC Hausa Prof. Auwal confirmed that the children were “in good health” and had started playing three days after the operation. “They were sent back to their village and we phoned their parents which they reported to us that they are doing fine without any problems,” he said.

FMC Yola Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins For 3rd Time In History

Mother of the twins Aibekipriye Ebiyenfa, said she had suffered and undergo trauma when the operation began due to uncertainty over her children’s live.

“When they called for the surgery I was a little scared because I was a human being, and then as a mother I was scared.”

“I am not happy to be the first woman to give birth to twins glued together in our community and state.”

“I was abused by some people and I started to feel ashamed of myself, but now I am happy because there was no harm in it. Today we are going home,” she said.

The woman said she hopes her children will become doctors when they grow up.

“I just want them to be doctors, but I don’t know what they will choose after they grow up because everyone has a choice when they grow up.

“But I will tell them to be doctors because they were born glued together so that they too can help twins who will be born glued together in the future,” she said.

Mrs. Ebiyenfa said she was embarrassed, and their father Mr. Ebeleme Rafeal’s lament that he was anxious at the birth of the twins.

“When my wife gave birth to these twins I felt a certain strain. I felt why this would happen to me at this age. But now their surgery was successful. Praise be to God, “he said.

The twins were born in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State in southern Nigeria and were brought to Adamawa State since January this year for surgery.

This is the third time the Federal Government Center in Yola has operated on twins born glued together after the one in 2018.