Joel Billi re-elected as EYN President

Joel Billi re-elected as EYN President, Church of the Brethren in Nigeria
Rev. Joel S. Billi, President, Ekklisiyar Yan'uwa a Nigeria (EYN)

The 73rd Annual General Church Council Conference (Majalisa) of Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN, the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria) was held July 14-16 at the EYN Headquarters in Kwarhi, Hong Local Government Area, Adamawa State. The most noteworthy dynamic decision-making body of the church was at first planned for March 31 to April 3, yet was deferred because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The yearly conference reelected the incumbent president, Rev. Joel S. Billi to maintain his seat and V.P, Anthony A. Ndamsai, reappointed as general secretary Daniel Y. C. Mbaya, reappointed the Disaster Relief Ministry director Yuguda Z. Mdurvwa, and appointed as administrative secretary Nuhu Mutah Abba, who was newly designated for a four-year tenure. Joshua Wakai additionally was affirmed to be on the EYN Board of Trustees.

This year’s one of a kind synod had a condensed schedule for a three-day gathering rather than the typical five days. Taking into account this, the Majalisa had the option to take some reports from the EYN General Secretary, Vice President, Finance, Auditors, Central Planning Committee, and Brethren Micro Finance Bank.

Caleb Silvanus Dakwak, pastor of EYN Church Utaku in Abuja, preached under the topic “Fear the Lord and Serve Him with All Faithfulness,” taken from Joshua 24:14, for Dondou Iorlamen of Capro Ministries International in Jos, Plateau State.

President Joel S. Billi in his yearly address at the conference started by acknowledging God, that in spite of outrageous and thorough mistreatment and persecution the church is hastily growing both physically and spiritually. He likewise acknowledged the help of mission accomplices – the Church of the Brethren, Mennonite Central Committee, and Mission 21 for their continued support in hard times.

Billi shows appreciation to all members of the church and ministers working in volatile areas.

He said;

“We cannot thank members and pastors who are living in dangerous areas enough. These are people who are almost literally seeing death day after day. Facing attacks frequently at a negligible period. Many of these churches and pastors have experienced kidnapping and abduction of members.

“Persecution of Christians in Nigeria has come in different forms now, and is becoming too glaring to any onlooker and the world at large,” he continued. “It is clear in the public eye that Christians are no longer needed in northern Nigeria. That is the message of Boko Haram. The tactical and deliberate war waged against Christians by Boko Haram for the extinction of the church has lasted for 10 years now. The EYN Church is always at the receiving end.

“Other Christians and Muslims are suffering in this barbaric, uncivilized, crude, and wild behavior, but EYN suffers most. The severity of the persecution is on us. I am convinced and certain that if Boko Haram succeeded against Christians, they are going to kill all Muslims who don’t share the same ideology with them. Why can’t we borrow a leaf from the war in Syria and the entire Middle East? Muslims versus Muslims, Arabs versus Arabs.”

The 73rd Majalisa has also awarded some people and District Church Councils (DCCs).