Jude Okoye responds to Cynthia Morgan, Psquare and May D allegations

Jude Okoye responds to Cynthia Morgan, psquare and May D allegations

Nigerian Video Director, Producer and CEO of Northside Entertainment, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye responded to all the claims against him by his former record label artiste, Cynthia Morgan during an Instagram Live video call with a blogger, Tunde Ednut.

Here are the main five things he said;

1) I never took her name, Cynthia Morgan

He says, “Which law on the planet fit make individual stop dey answer name wey him mother and dad give am? I will send you Cynthia Morgan’s agreement, it’s a five-page record and when you see it, you can disclose to me where it says my organization possesses a privilege in her habitation. I didn’t set up the agreement, it was Cynthia Morgan and her previous supervisor, Joy [Tongo] who arranged the agreement.”

2) Cynthia Morgan owes me over N40 million

During the discussion, Okoye disclosed that Cynthia Morgan owes him N40 million that he never recovered. Portraying how a portion of that cash was spent, he says he shot 13 recordings for Morgan with every video worth N3m, got her a white Range, gave her cash to purchase land for her mom. Okoye likewise says that Morgan played mystery shows and saved the cash for herself.

3) May D left when I offered him a contract with my record label

It can be recalled that May D was signed to Square Records in May 2011, Engees Okoye says that May D was not signed. Truth be told, he says that May D left at the point Square Records offered him a contract. The furious Jude Okoye then reviled as he asked what people needed him to do.

Okoye says that he treated May D like family and gave him uncommon benefits, however that May D needed to live like P Square and that was not possible.

4) Why P Square separated

Engees told Tunde Ednut that the issues began when Peter needed him out of P Square since he felt that Usher and Beyonce had succeeded without family figures. Notwithstanding, Paul differ and that was apparently where the battle began.

Engees Okoye says that Peter and Paul have no issues, however that Peter has an issue with him.

5) Does Jude Okoye have an issue with Peter’s wife?

Jude Okoye declined that question.