Comedian MC Tagwaye marries daughter to Buhari’s adviser

MC Tagwaye marries daughter to Buhari's adviser

The popular Nigerian Comedian, Obinna ‘MC Tagwaye’ Simon, who is known for mimicking President Muhammadu Buhari, married the daughter of Maryam Uwais, a Special Adviser to the Nigerian President on Social Investment Programmes.

MC Tagwaye, an Igbo native, married Hauwa on Saturday, according to his Instagram post.

“For the people in question…. we are happily married today … thanks,” said Obinna ‘MC Tagwaye’ Simon.

Maryam Uwais, too, confirmed the marriage on her Instagram page where she posted photos of the wedding.

“My daughter, Hauwa, got married today. And I have a new son, MC Tagwaye,” she said.

She called on friends and the well-wishers to pray for the newly weds couple for peace and protection from the Lord.

MC Tagwaye marries daughter to Buhari's adviser

The comedian has made so many appearances mimicking Buhari where he even met with the President on different occasions and got the President laughing at him while mimicking.

Obinna Simon known as  ‘MC Tagwayee’ is a native of Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria and has been a Master of Ceremony (MC) for a long time making speeches especially at weddings.

Tagwaye revealed that he has been an MC and a comedian not only for mimicking President Muhammadu Buhari .