My political motives purely altruistic – Hon. Nyampa

Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa
Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa, member representing Madagali/Michika federal constituency

The Member representing Madagali/Michika at the national assembly, Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa has responded to what he tags as a barrage of unwarranted attacks from some politicians.

Nyampa refers to the raids on his personality and political camp as unfortunate, says he is rather too busy discharging his primary responsibility as a lawmaker to join unnecessary political rants with some riffraff which can no way benefits his constituents.

He said his political purposes not for self-aggrandizement but purely altruistic, therefore doing all within his power to ensure the betterment of the standard of living of the people he represents at the national assembly.

Posted on his Facebook page, he added that his relationship with the executive governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, is beyond politics and therefore political oppression will not deter that.

On the other part called on his supporters to be good ambassadors, saying that will be the way forward in creating a conducive political atmosphere for delivering his mandates.

The statement read:


Lately, there has been a barrage of unwarranted attacks on my person and my political camp from the minions of a particular politician from Michika Local Government Area.

Ordinarily, I would have dismissed that as the handiwork of enthusiastic supporters of politician that should not be taken seriously but feelers from the other side have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that these attacks have the full support and sponsorship of their principal. This, therefore, necessitated the need for this disclaimer.

For a start, I want to make it categorically clear to all and sundry that I did not join politics for a self-aggrandizement purpose but my motives for joining politics are purely altruistic, chief of which is to ensure the betterment of the standard of living of the people of my Constituency. Making political enemies cannot, therefore, be my thing as I do not see how it can aid me in attracting dividends of democracy to my people.

If the purpose of such attacks is to curry monetary favours and political sympathy from my boss, the Executive Governor of Adamawa State – it should be noted that it wasn’t politics that brought me close to His Excellency and politics can therefore not separate us. My loyalty to His Excellency has severally been tested both politically and otherwise and has been found unquestionable.

I’m too preoccupied with lobbying for infrastructural projects and job opportunities for members of my Constituency, I can therefore not stoop so low to hack the glory for the tremendous efforts that His Excellency is putting in trying to fulfil his campaign promises to the people of my Constituency in particular and the State in General.

I will not join such idle ventures as I have an electoral mandate to deliver to the people of my Constituency and that is exactly what I am focused on doing now. I will greatly appreciate it if distractors steer clear of our path at this critical period that we are expecting to start seeing the results of our one-year lobbying efforts.

I urge all my supporters to remain in the face of this callous provocation. We should not yield to their nefarious overtures. Doing so will not augur well for the peaceful atmosphere that is essential for the fulfilment of our campaign promises to our people.

Let Love Lead.” He Said.

DisclaimerLately, there has been a barrage of unwarranted attacks on my person and my political camp from the minions…

Posted by Zakaria Dauda Nyampa on Saturday, 23 May 2020