Spanish gov confirms La Liga will resume June 8

Spanish government has given permission for LaLiga to return on June 8

The Spanish government has announced that La Liga matches will resume from June 8.

The La Liga league has been postponed due to a coronavirus pandemic since March, but players returned to training earlier this month in the hope of continuing the game without spectators.

Spain is one of the countries that is most affected by the pandemic and in recent weeks has lowered the lockdown order enforced.

According to official figures from Johns Hopkins University, 23,628 people have died from coronavirus pandemic in Spain.

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The United Kingdom (UK) government has given the English Premier League (EPL) the green light to restart the season from June 1, as reported by Sky Sports

The English Premier League is currently suspended inconclusively, with nine matches that wasn’t played due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League and all other top-level games in England could restart away from plain view one month from now without viewers going to scenes until a coronavirus vaccine is found.

The UK government’s guide for easing the lockdown forced to control the spread of COVID-19 was published on Monday, setting out the conditions under which different social and games can be securely completed in the nation.

Stage two of the guide, which can’t start any sooner than June 1, incorporates: “allowing social and games to happen away from public scrutiny for communicate while dodging the danger of enormous scope social contact”.