The brouhaha of approved Michika Projects and individual claims as mastermind


I have watched some individuals who hide under the umbrella of the Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as friends, brothers and In-laws in most of the projects being approved in Michika and other local government areas.

I see it necessary to disclose it because it is expedient to the Public to get it into their brain before it is too late.

It can be recalled that the Governor has approved five major projects in Michika two days ago, let me emphatically say that, “The projects approved are sponsored and manned by World Bank under the ministry of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Humanitarian Service and the projects are to kick start next year not even this year as media carried the news, giving credits of the projects to a certain individual who parade himself as the “Abokin Governor” and the leader of PDP in Michika.

When we talk of a political party leadership in Michika, based on the political organography of the PDP, Zakaria Dauda Nyampa who holds the party’s highest political office in the LGA should be regarded as the leader, then the Member state house of assembly, Hon. Joseph Ayuba (Depolis), the executive chairman of Michika LGA, Hon. Michael Zira, LGA party chairman, then the commissioners.

It surprises me most to hear of one man who assumes to be a close friend to the State Governor, someone who forgot the one that brought him close to the Governor leading two most respectful commissioners appointed from the leagues of the most knowledgeable LGA of Adamawa state.

Worst of the whole act was the flaunting of pictures all over the social media. Haba, that’s the worst insult on the commissioners.

These commissioners are equal to advising the governor. During their appointment, it was made clear that their appointment was based on merit and experience displayed in their respective endeavours.

Why now a none political office holder who has little knowledge of a technical know-how lead such commissioners of pedigree? I see this as a political miscalculation.

Until such abuse of office is addressed, a lot is awaiting the governor of Adamawa state in Michika come 2023.

We have left one of the vital issues in Michika and I see it as a problem in 2023.

If not of the Covid-19 pandemic bedevilling the state, some third class chiefs were about to be coronated and Michika was never part of it, why?

The same king of Michika who won in a keenly contested election was not part of those to be coronated, is there Justice here?

There is no doubt some are close to the governor and as well looking forward to participating in 2023 elections.

As a close associate and having known that there is a forgoing vivid project of the electrification of Michika, much efforts should be put in place to supports the governor’s vision of development to your locality.

I urge the friends and associates to the governor to do the needful before 2023, and also not take a state project as a personal project.

I have followed the political trends of Michika, especially of those who have worked assiduously to ensure that PDP won the last election and was neglected in the decision making of the party. These same people may revolt against Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri come 2023. Make things right at this early stage before it get late.

Resolutions based on my LGA are:

1: Any project to be done in any local Government area to be led by the Member house of assembly of that particular LGA and be accompanied by the commissioner/commissioners of that LGA just the way H/E did in Madagali last week.

2: Our king HRH Ngida Zakawa be coronated this year based on his victory in the court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3: There is no point to overlook the commissioners and send your purportedly close friend as people will say to lead these important personalities while you have the member house of assembly in place to lead the team.

4: The leadership of the party in Michika to be allowed to exercise it duties or else, I smell mishap in 2023.

5: Nyako has used the state money to construct some bridges during his time and a refund was made by the FGN, I urge you to do the same on our bridges in kudzum, Dilchim, and Wurogayandi.

Written by Japheth Jerome Wulshiri